ACME-US Listing Information

What are Listings?

Listings are the main building blocks of this site. There are 2 types of listings as follows:
  • Locations are listings that always remain in the same location such as a Bar or Restaurant.
  • Entities are listings that do NOT always remain in the same location such as a Band or DJ.

Location Listings with a valid address [street, city, state/zip] will display that information plus a dynamically generated map to that address.
Entity Listings with a street address will NOT display the street address or dynamically generate a map to that address.

A basic listing [1 category in 1 location] on ACME-US is free!
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Additional categories and/or locations are available under the premium plans.

Usage Policy

All Listings must be approved by ACME-US prior to being posted to the live site and will be removed without notification if deemed inappropriate in any way.

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